VOLUME 14 ISSUE 1 (2007)

Special Issue-Guest Edited by Steven M. Chermak


Introduction to the Special Issue - Steven M. Chermak

Beyond the Requisites: Alternative Starting Points in the Study of Media Effects and Youth Violence - Michelle Brown

Youth Gangs in the Print Media - Finn-Aage Esbensen, Karin E. Tusinski

Does “Special” Mean Young, White and Female? Deconstructing the Meaning of “Special” in Law & Order:  Special Victims Unit - Sarah Britto, Tycy Hughes, Kurt Saltzmann, Colin Stroh

Crime in the News: How Crimes, Offenders and Victims Are Portrayed in the Media - Jessica M. Pollak, Charis E. Kubrin

Juvenile “Super-Predators” in the News:  A Comparison of Adult and Juvenile Homicides - Jesenia M. Pizarro, Steven M. Chermak, Jeffrey A. Gruenewald